Feng Shui Fire Element Decor For Inspiring & Energetic Spaces

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor For Inspiring & Energetic Spaces

As the energy of warmth, activity, and passion, it is abundantly clear when a space or home is lacking in the Feng Shui element of Fire.

Fire is the element of life. It predates humans by hundreds of millions of years and its use in cooking, surviving cold climates, and farming is the reason we are here today.

This activating and evolving potential of Fire is incredibly important in a balanced and harmonious life and home. Fire moves us forward and inspires us to take action, instead of simply sitting back and ignoring what needs to be done.

Fire is thus a powerful ally in areas where you need more creativity, inspiration, or transformation. Whether it be helping motivate you in a home office, encouraging you to get out of bed in the morning, or sparking connection with friends and loved ones, everyone could do with a little more Fire in their life.

Feng Shui helps get the most out of the Fire Element & ensure this explosive force works in your favor. Here are the main Feng Shui Fire Element decor principles you need to know.

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor Colors

When looking to activate and bring in Fire energy, there are many shades and tones that can work depending on your space. However, the strongest and most intense is always red.

Red Feng Shui Color Meaning


Red is a commanding color used in various cultures around the world to draw attention and symbolize the most important facets of our lives. Red is also the color of igniting and energizing, and, therefore, a helpful addition wherever and whenever you need passion, creativity, and to get things fired up.

All shades of red are associated with the Fire element. However, the brighter the red and purer the color, the stronger the Fire element. This makes it one of the easiest ways to bring Fire into your spaces, but also one of the most potent and trickiest to balance.

Pink Feng Shui Color Meaning


Pink is muted red and can come in various intensities, from strong bright neons to darker, richer tones. In general, brighter pinks are seen as more yang (active, faster-moving) and lighter pinks are more yin (softer, slower-moving).

Pink is, therefore, a very versatile color. As well as in some cases being a replacement for the passion and Fire of red, as it’s also associated with the Water element, it can encourage self-love and abundance to flow.

Orange Feng Shui Color Meaning


As a mix of red and yellow, orange is energizing and activating but a little more gentle than pure red or yellow. Orange is typically associated with warmth, enthusiasm, and a zest for life.

Unlike red, orange can remind us of ripe fruit like mangoes and oranges as well as pleasant summer days. Orange is lighter and more refreshing than red, making it a great secondary or auxiliary color.

Yellow Feng Shui Color Meaning


Yellow is the color of sunshine and is therefore often associated with happiness, joy, and playfulness. Bright, vibrant yellows are connected to the Fire element, whereas very dark and very light tones of yellow relate more to the earth element.

As it can contain aspects of both Fire and Earth, yellow can help tie shared spaces together or act as a neutralizing and balancing agent between stronger elements. That being said, pure, vibrant yellows are very activating and attention-grabbing in themselves.

Purple Feng Shui Color Meaning


Purple is a powerful color in Feng Shui that, as a mix of red and blue, represents both fire and ice. When it is strong and vibrant, it’s often recommended to use purple sparingly as an accent color.

That being said, there are so many tones of purple that it’s often called the beige of Feng Shui. When used in the right way, purple can enhance and complement almost every area of space. When adding purple to activate the Fire element in a space, opt for a purple that’s more red than blue.

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor Lines & Shapes

As the Fire element in Feng Shui is associated with strength, activity, and life force, it’s seen as being a highly purifying and protective force, consuming impurities with light and heat and driving them back into the darkness.

In an architectural context, this translates into steep angles, sharp edges, and triangular shapes that look much like that of the rising flames of a roaring fire.

Any shapes or objects that have distinct, sharp corners can help bring the Fire element into a space. Two particularly potent examples are hearts, which have a triangular shape at the bottom, and stars, which are made up of triangles and represent the energy of Fire.

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor Products & Artwork

Not every space needs fiery red walls to turn up the heat. But every space does benefit from even the slightest touch of the Fire element to keep the passion and energy flowing.

Here are a few ideas for activating the Fire element in your spaces:


  • Red, orange, pink or yellow accessories and decor such as flowers, fruit, pillows, linens, and paintings
  • Tall vases with decorative sticks (Wood nourishes Fire)
  • Candles, candelabras, and chandeliers
  • Wallpaper with triangles, stars, stripes, images of mammals, the sun, etc.
  • Fireplace or space heater
  • Herringbone or chevron patterned flooring or tiles
  • Natural stone firepit

Feng Shui Fire Element Decor Principles

Each of the five elements in Feng Shui are not separate, independent things, but rather interconnected stages or phases. Each is a part of the same whole and is broken down by and brought into being by others.

In Feng Shui, the ways in which the five elements interact with one another are explained by three cycles: The Productive Cycle, The Controlling Cycle, and The Weakening or Destructive Cycle.

To balance the Fire element in your spaces, you need to know what nourishes, feeds, or creates Fire (The Productive Cycle), what Fire is controlled or heavily affected by (The Controlling Cycle), and what exhausts or drains Fire (The Destructive Cycle).


  • Fire is nourished by Wood. You can feed the Fire element by introducing wooden furnishings and accessories into a space (but not too much to make the fire uncontrollable).


  • Fire is controlled by Water. Too much of the water element can dampen Fire energy. However, water can help balance a space, for instance, by placing a big mirror over an open fireplace.


  • Fire is exhausted by Earth. Fire feeds the Earth element. Too much Earth turns Fire into ash, making it important to not have too many grounding, Earth energies in a space.

There are many ways to use these three cycles and the above tips to help infuse Feng Shui Fire Element Decor and passion, creativity, and life into your spaces. The main thing is to be able to assess what a space needs and to be aware of how each element interacts with another.

Need help infusing your spaces with wisdom, harmony, and balance? Book your free consultation with Leslie Close, our Principal Designer & LA-based Feng Shui Interior Designer.


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