Aspen Gold Hanging Ceramic Wall Art Sale

This radiant hanging ceramic wall art sculpture is equally as absorbing as it is expansive. Expressing brilliance in both color and form, the piece has a clean shape and intricate pattern that give a magical touch to its surrounding environment. The sculpture is handcrafted by the expert artisan ceramic artist, Bianca Pintan.

This piece of hanging ceramic wall art manages to convey both levity and immensity in just a glance. Made from raw ceramic, the sculpture has a smooth, matte surface and is unglazed. With each moment of the day, the piece seems to come alive as light plays with its riveted design and presents a multitude of different shades and tones. The ceramic wall art has a free-flowing, curved form that almost seems to be made by nature herself. A piece that would be fitting in an art gallery or ceramic exhibition, the sculpture would sit commandingly in a foyer, lounge, kitchen, library, or other large space. The Aspen Gold Hanging Ceramic Wall Art sits proudly as a stand-alone piece or can be combined with other pieces in The Rainbow Collection.

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Vendor: Close Design

Type: Ceramics

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