Aspen Gold Small Handmade Ceramic Vase Sale

A pure yellow pigment and a distinctive curved shape make this handmade ceramic vase an attractor of both attention and joy. Its riveted design and natural matte finish work beautifully with the clay from which it is made. While the organic, free-flowing opening evokes sunflowers dancing in the breeze on a Summer’s day.

This Aspen Gold Handmade Ceramic Vase is a small-sized vase designed to sit on a shelf or other raised platform. Its pinched lid and curved form follow more of a traditional ceramic design, yet the boldness of the pure yellow pigment finish screams modernist artwork. The clay used to create the vases in this collection has a matte surface and is left raw and unglazed to give it a natural finish. Whether used as the foundation of a floral arrangement, the home for an exotic plant, or left empty, the piece is striking in its simplicity and the way in which it interacts with light and shadows. The Aspen Gold Handmade Ceramic Vase sits proudly as a stand-alone piece or can be combined with other pieces from the collection.

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