Blue Sapphire Curved Handmade Ceramic Vase Medium Sale

Similar to the classic vase but with a wider, open top, this bold cobalt blue handmade ceramic vase is as deep as the ocean in both color and presence. The hand-formed curves and textures invoke the fluid and ever changing qualities of water. Handcrafted in ceramic by Bianca Pintan, the piece is raw and unglazed and has a clean, natural matte finish.

This medium-sized vase has a distinct and free-flowing curvature that could only be molded and crafted by hand. The rivets in its surface, characteristic of Bianca Pintan, bring depth and individuality to each unique piece. The pure cobalt blue pigment changes shades from light to dark with the time of day and as the light plays with its riveted design. Each of these handmade ceramic vases are handcrafted by Bianca Pintan in her studio in Byron Bay, Australia. The piece is designed with the intention to bring energy and excitement to the space in which it is placed, whether it be a lounge, foyer, hotel lobby, or restaurant. This cobalt blue handmade ceramic vase sits proudly as a stand-alone piece or can be combined with other pieces in The Rainbow Collection.

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