About Us

Founded by Leslie Close with the love for luxury. Leslie’s goal is to incorporate the elements of wellness into luxury fashion, beauty and home interiors. 

Close Boundary gathers curated selections of upcoming and ready-to-wear collections and accessories from established and emerging designers. Utilizing data and consumer algorithms to bring the needs of consumers all in one place.

Our Mission

As a conscious interior design studio, we work with you closely to create a sanctuary that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Our approach is based in classical Feng Shui, a system of design, arrangement, and orientation that developed in ancient China as a result of directly observing the patterns and cycles of the natural world.

Our Philosophy

Your environment transforms the way you live. And there is no environment more transformative than your home.

About Close Design

Close Design takes a philosophy-first approach to evolving homes and everyday spaces into sustainable urban living environments. Leslie’s hands-on style of designing and managing the design process involves sourcing eco-friendly materials and collaborating with local experts to create harmonious spaces that foster human potential and heal the world. Born and raised in San Diego to Filipino/Japanese parents, Leslie is innovative and worldly but remains strongly influenced by her roots in the Philippine indigenous islands and Japanese cultures, such as wabi-sabi and the soft minimal approach.

A prominent advocate for sustainable living solutions in the LA area, Leslie believes in the power of Feng Shui for improving the quality of life of the homeless and at-risk LA youth. She is starting her foundation to help achieve this, applying the principles of Feng Shui to design equitable housing that doesn't just provide shelter, but a healthy, auspicious environment that lays the foundations for the best possible chance of flourishing. Leslie is also a passionate supporter of the non-profit Covenant House California and the charities Food on Foot and Habits of Humanity.