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Your environment is a reflection of the way you live. Using Interior Design with Feng Shui Remedies, we consciously curate a home, space and sanctuary that embody the energy, goals and life you desire.



Coffee Table Books

Adorned with elegant covers and printed on high-quality paper, Assouline books serve as both decorative pieces and valuable sources of knowledge, fashion, travel, culture and design for those who enjoy the finer things of life.

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The Rainbow Collection

Designed and hand crafted ceramics by Australian artisan Bianca Pintan, this collection is a unique exploration into the sensory worlds of color, texture and light.

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The Galaxy Collection

Through the medium of porcelain and hand-crafted, traditional processes, Artisan Sylvain Fezzoli harnesses the material's natural translucency to play with texture, light, and shadow and create objects that bring forth etheric and inspirational ambiances.

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Leslie Close

Close Design takes a philosophy-first approach to evolving homes and everyday spaces into sustainable urban living environments. Leslie’s hands-on style of designing and managing the design process involves sourcing eco-friendly materials and collaborating with local experts to create harmonious spaces that foster human potential and heal the world.

About Leslie

Interior Design

By the room or for an entire home, Close Design offers comprehensive Interior Design services.

Feng Shui

Using a Bagua map, we start at the foundation to design a space that balances the surrounding energy.

Floor Plans

For a pre-existing space or ground-up architecture services bring your next home to life (recommended).

Home Decor

Curated by Close Design and inspired by Nature, we offer an array of home decor from lamps, vases, and more.

Great design isn’t only how a space looks. It’s how it makes you feel.

Leslie Close


Curated Home Decor

Introducing Feng Shui and nature-inspired designs curated by Close Design. Elevate your space with harmonious and elegant items that breathe positive energy into your surroundings.


Shop By Element

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water - can bring balance, prosperity, and positive energy into our lives. Whether you're seeking to enhance the flow of energy, create a tranquil sanctuary, or simply infuse your home with a touch of serenity, these Feng Shui-inspired decor products are designed to help you achieve just that.