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This lime green handmade ceramic lamp brings a delicate touch of warmth and vitality to its surrounding environment. Handcrafted by Bianca Pintan, an expert ceramicist based in Australia, using stonewall clay and natural pigments, the table lamp is a functional, living sculpture. The artist has managed to combine the elements of Earth, Wood, and Fire into one stunning piece.

The Kiwi Handmade Ceramic Lamp stands on a solid sculptural green base. The base is made from ceramic and every inch—from the lamp’s solid form to each textural groove—is lovingly hand-carved using traditional techniques. The lamp head is a simple and minimalistic porcelain globe that gives off a warm, soft light. The lamp comes with a dimmable LED bulb that is perfect for illuminating reading areas, bedside tables, studies, and more. The Kiwi Handmade Ceramic Lamp has a unique, dynamic characteristic appearance. The reflection of the light upon the base changes the perspective of the piece, depending upon the angle and light reflected upon it. Its unique textural base also highlights the distinct natural grain of its clay origins.

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