Handmade Flat White Ceramic Table Lamp Sale

Both understated and striking, this handmade white ceramic table lamp is a deceptively powerful sculptural piece.

The Flat White Ceramic Table Lamp stands on a solid sculptural white base. The base is made from ceramic and every inch — from the lamp’s solid form to each textural groove — is lovingly hand-carved using traditional techniques. The lamp head is a simple and minimalistic flat porcelain circular disk that radiates a warm, soft light. The monochromatic, textural finish plays with the light to bring depth to a space through endless shades.

  • The lamp comes with a dimmable LED bulb that is perfect for illuminating reading areas, bedside tables, studies, and more.
  • Sits proudly as a stand-alone piece or can be combined with other pieces in The Rainbow Collection.
  • Handcrafted by the expert artisan ceramic artist, Bianca Pintan.
  • Crafted with stonewall clay and natural pigments, the table lamp combines the elements of Earth, Fire, and Metal into one elegant piece.

Talented Artisans handcraft each item, and due to the handmade nature, there may be slight differences in texture and color from the photograph. These variances are what make each piece captivating and rich in detail. For full Terms of Sale visit our site here.

  • Regular price $2,350.00

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Handmade Flat White Ceramic Table Lamp